A guide book of DIY chairs


A-A Collective seized the moment and asked 80 students from
The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture
to connect on a joint project: Design and build a chair using only
household tools and basic, affordable materials. 63 conceptual
and playful chairs were built, and the design recipe for each and
every chair is archived within this book.
The project was greatly inspired by Enzo Mari’s
Autoprogettazione, and there are many beautiful gestures within
A-A Collective’s workshop theme; It brought people together
during a time of separation, it brought focus to what we can
achieve using tools and bare hands, and it shed light on the
beauty of democratic design, where playfulness, connectedness
and modesty thrive in an open source environment.


Author A-A Collective

Year 2020

Language English

License CC BY NC SA 4.0