Ronen Kadushin open designs furniture, lighting and accessories. According to Ronen, “Open Design aims to transform industrial design to become relevant in a globally networked information society”.

Open Desk is a global platform for local making. They host digital furniture designs that can be made anywhere in the world through a global network of local makers.

Architecture for Dogs, invented by architects and designers, is an extremely sincere collection of architecture for our pets. By downloading the instructions or watching the videos, people all over the world can make these locally by themselves.

AtFab is a project aimed to design things specifically for digital CNC fabrication and networked manufacturing, in order to provoke a new way of designing and making things.

Thingiverse is a thriving design community for discovering, making, and sharing 3D printable things under Creative Commons licenses.

Instructables has grown into an amazing community of curious doers from around the world and is home to hundreds of thousands of projects.

Open Bike is a project by Arquimaña, which combines many of our obsessions about design, maker culture, mobile architecture and the idea that technology well used will make us freer, more proactive and more creative.

Two Wheels is an answer to the needs of adaptive sport´s world. You can build a custom wheel chair using simple materials, some plywood, some bicycle parts and some pipes.

Open Source Ecology is a project that develops open source industrial machines that can be made for a fraction of commercial costs, and shares its designs online for free.

Ben Uyeda shares most of his design work to be built by users. His open design ideas have reached more than 50 million people and are being built on six different continents.

WikiHouse is an open modular building system that makes it easy to design, manufacture and assemble high-performance homes and small buildings.

Open Electronics is project to support development and hacking of electronics: they share open projects and products.