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Die Welt Reparieren


More and more do-it-yourself initiatives are emerging around the world, in which a variety of concerns and problems are dealt with collectively. In these collaborative contexts – which are located beyond the market and the state – a grassroots democratic understanding of coexistence and urbanity is tested and at the same time ecologically and socially sensible solutions for basic forms of supply of food, energy and technology accessible to all are sought. In the process, fascinating new forms of co-producing, repairing and exchanging things emerge and challenge, or even turn, the industrial logic of the 20th century on its head.

The book is dedicated to the visionary power of this promising innovative practices and at the same time offers a classification of the new “laboratories” of social transformation.


Authors Andrea Baier, Tom Hansing, Christa Müller, Karin Werner

Publisher Transcript Verlag

Year 2017

Language German

License CC BY NC ND 4.0