el Recetario


el-Recetario.net is a collaborative platform focused on research, experimentation and use of waste for the construction of furniture and accessories for the Habitat, where the community of creators share what they do and how they do it, learning from it and collaborating with others.

The community of creators investigates the possibilities of using waste for the construction of objects, spaces and construction systems through Reuse techniques, generating shareable materials that encourage co-creation and self-production, as well as the development and evolution of own platform through collective creation workshops.

el-Recetario.net is an open content repository, made up of “recipes” for the construction of objects, furniture, spaces and systems from the reuse of discarded materials. Each recipe contains step-by-step assembly instructions, detailing the ingredients and tools used, as well as the knowledge and techniques necessary for its construction, where each user decides how and in what way to share what they have made.

el-Recetario.net allows you to document not only the construction processes, but also link them to a context, a community and a history.

The contents of el-Recetario.net are open for anyone to use, but at the same time they can contribute by altering the design in some way to make it their own. Using a different material, modifying the dimensions, or simply using a different type of joint or finish. This highlights that anyone, through practice and a little skill, can become a designer and manufacturer of almost all elements of the domestic and urban habitat.

el-Recetario.net is an initiative of Makea Tu Vida, a non-profit association interested in the development of open design tools and strategies for the reuse and use of waste, promoting collaborative work as a decentralized method of learning and empowerment .


Author Makea Tu Vida

Year 2007 (last update 2020)

Language Spanish