Make it Open


Our world is changing at an astonishing pace. Societies are facing futures where new branches of activity will be created on the largest of scales. The knowledge and skills needed to navigate everyday life are hard to predict today. And the challenge is particularly acute for education.

Policy makers and practitioners need to find new mechanisms, processes and tools that will help schools rethink learning boundaries and equip future citizens with the right skills to critically evaluate sources of scientific news, make fact-based decisions and informed choices.

It is with this in mind that Make it Open proposes to bring into the classroom the philosophy of the maker movement to develop a transformational approach to STEAM teaching and learning. It will also use the inquiry-based approach of citizen science to make science learning an accessible and actionable framework.

Make it Open adopts the concept of Open Schooling where schools are transformed from traditional educational institutions into community partnerships and become agents of community well-being.


Author Several European Institutions, 150 schools

Year 2020

Language English